Sky Elevator


Sky elevator co. was established in 1986.Managed to become a leading organization in the elevator Industry. Sky elevator co.  produces  all kinds of elevator spare parts with professional technical team  and high technology within its own structure. Aims to produce all spare parts with quality and longevity . Materials of used in production are reflected carefully in the same way. Therefore, our production is putting into service accordance with most strong and adaptable. Sky elevator co. is expanding it s network exports to 40 different countries  and continues to provide added value to the country's economy.

Sky elevator co.
works for maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering products as soon as possible. Network sales cover the all World regions  and while progress in this way, following  the technologies and competitive product policy.

Sofia / Bulgaria 


• To provide high quality service that exceeds customer expectations,
• To ensure customer loyalty,
• timely and creative solutions to propose to their customers,
• Today’s and tomorrow’s needs as identified in the company to redirect resources to meet them,
• Obtained from internal and external suppliers products and services to our customers certainly add value to
• Opportunities for our employees and they will prove themselves to tasks, to encourage creativity,
• Personnel with our community to work for the prosperity and happiness.


Challenging competitive conditions in the elevator industry and the increased level of awareness of changing demands and expectations of customers, both in products and services offered to the continuous development, improvement is required.

Sky Elevator, the industry demands and expectations of intensive experience and subject experts look for in an objective way to assess its dynamic, innovative and progressive approach to customer satisfaction by providing a day, but patrons at the highest level of customer satisfaction is trying to provide.

‘Continuity of quality’, ‘low price’, ‘mutual trust’ and ‘Integrity’ by our vision are our basic principles and indispensable value.

Sky Elevator, while adhering to these principles and values, the industry will take its place among the best.


Overspeed Governor Certificate

Sky C-06 Door Lock Device Certificate

Sky 25E Control Card Certificate

Sky 65X Control Card Certificate

Sky Power Ups Card Certificate

Progressive Safety Gear Certificate


Our company purposes manufacturing of vertical transport in buildings and the quality of our products carry the brand and trust it to tell of all liability under the assurance that valuable  solutions.To do this,  we are aware of humans safety and are committed to fulfill all legal requirements. 

For this; 

  • Quality management system by using the resources , we need to develop in line and always improve the effectiveness. 
  • For our employees more effectively to achieve business results by developing knowledge and skills to provide increased capabilities and needs of the day using technology and working environment and provide the appropriate infrastructure. 
  • Our assets and our future, to secure independent financing and profitability goals by taking direct then,will contribute to improving the country s economy. 

  Our policy with our all shares open,honest and fair to maintain relations, local and global markets for our customers and business partners    always preferred to be a reliable company.While doing this,understanding of human s health and environment in production with respect all employees goals to reach happiness in observance aims.

   Yours Respectfully


Using the latest technology with our products and services, energy savings and environmentally friendly production approach we adopt.